Poetry from Maja Milojkovic

Younger middle aged white woman with long blonde hair, glasses, and a green top and floral scarf and necklace.
Maja Milojkovic

A voice without a voice 
The beauty of nature is being damaged 
The shores are covered with garbage 
The wealth of flora and fauna is becoming a thing of the past 
And man is to blame for everything! 
We are slowly sinking into ruin Carried on waves of poison 
The danger of global pollution lurks 
The sky, air and water are poisoned 
And no one takes responsibility 
We are knee-deep in mud 
There is no solution anywhere 
The echo echoes - DOOM! 
The will of the people becomes weakened 
And an indecisive look, when we disagree 
We don't hear her pain, Mother Earth is crying... 
If only people knew, to say:                                                                                                     
Enough is enough, let's make Mother Earth smile!

Maja Milojković, born in 1975 in Zaječar, Serbia. She lived in Bor, Serbia, and Hillerod, Denmark. Laboratory technician, artist, reviewer. Internationally recognized poet who advocates peace in the world. Activist in the international organization "RRM3, RINASCIMENTO-RENESANSA Millennium III" Together for the Future of Europe - International Peace Organization. Director General: Mr. George Onsi from Egypt and Franca Colozzo from Italy. She regularly publishes her poems in these two leading newspapers Galaxy Poetic Atunis", Belgium "Synchronicity of chaos", California Her poems have been translated into many world languages and many poems are available on You Tube. She is a member of the International Association of Writers and Artists "Gorski Vidici" in Montenegro and a member of the Poetry Club "Area Felix" in Serbia.