Poetry from Mark Young

paradigm a dozen

The grunge music scene is

teaching old neurons new

tricks. I now have blueberries

on my cereal while two dozen

girls learn about innovation

first hand, getting to witness

a cyborgian dancer. It’s a

scene of midmorning disarray

& excitement that has the citi-

zens of Gettysburg panicked—

Lincoln is coming on the right

day. I’m scared stiff, but why

should I be alone. I bring in my

investors & show a 40-minute

video of an avalanche bearing

down on a ski vacation in the

Alps. It exacerbates their fears.

Fill / loosley & / do not compact

With experience, this copper-alloy piece can be used to create a product that includes all the processes involved in harvesting, production, transportation, & construction. It eliminates all extremes of elaboration, but forces you to leave behind your familiar house, street, & neighbors; & prompts a defection from fixed meaning through the use of non-sequiturs — start off with Magritte & move on to the navigational abilities of the prostate, from Derrida on to the venture capital industry.

single-serve liturgies

A railway line runs im-

mediately behind the

parietal lobe. The placebo

effect could make pictures

of classical architecture

affective as stimulus mate-

rial. Split-brain syndrome

using different lags provides

empirical motivation for

some true effects to exist

at particular intervals. Our

RV got rear ended by a hit

& run driver. Unlicensed

work is non-free by default.

trajectory as far as

What we retain of the
movement is its structured
form. Any steady increase
in template performance
can be processed by the
use of microcontrollers
or some contextualized
analysis of migration &

language diversity. Else-
where, work permits are
only offered to those with
a separate income flow or
the ability to access behind-
the-counter medicines. The
intransigence of light she
found difficult to cope with.