Poetry from Mark Young

a less frantic piano

We were unable to save
the boy. The variability
is caused by differences
between individuals,

cannot be represented
exactly as a decimal. The
easiest measure is its
range — take ten if you

did not check any of the
squares. May not be
copied, scanned, or dupli-
cated, in whole or in part.

My orchid is dying

Leave the spike intact. You’ll
hear a hissing sound & see
air bubbles rise. The windward
pile driver may damage the
stems & leaves of nearby
buildings but will probably

leave the teppanyaki bar
unscathed. Don’t wear white
unless you’re either part of the
entertainment, or a well-equipped
games room with a bowling
alley & countless televisions.

Online exercise classes have boomed in recent weeks

I trace the outline of strings

which have different characters.

Set & sorted by length & letters

no matter what the language.

It’s really a subjective thing. Pro-

fessing your love is the domain

of a polyglot. Is my bum doing

the right thing in these jeans?

abacus virility

These strange coincidences

of tongue & toenail bring

great calming & soothing

benefits as they sit sensibly

on the newfashioned dash-

board alongside a romantically

themed pressure cooker &

a sesame oil infused sponge

traditionally applied as an

economical but hygienic toner.