Poetry from Mark Young

Today the post-
woman brought
me the Lone Ranger
& Tonto. Except the 
Lone Ranger is
now no longer alone
because he's got
in touch with his 
inner self, & Tonto 
is a psychic from 
the subcontinent & 
not a Native American
sidekick. Damn these
shades of gray. What-
ever happened to 
black & white, even
when / in color? I 
blame Alan Ladd,
playing Shane with
that small man syn-
drome. & Coop, Gary 
Cooper, the tall silent
one who learnt to talk 
& went off to mix it 
with the likes of 
Picasso. Wasn't a
virgin Quaker bride
enough for him? You
could see it coming
as it neared high noon.
The hero as a man in 
black. Do not forsake 
me, I begged him. Ob-
viously he didn't listen.

Today the post-
woman brought
me an unemployed
dancing monkey. Put
me down as some-
one who can't tell
a lymph node 
from a lung, but I 
think there may 
currently be a search 
on for organ donors.

Today the post-
woman brought

me the winter
of our discontent, 

the Arab spring, &
the summer of love.

Plus an apology
from the bookshop 

for being unable 
to fill my original

order, “The Fall,” by
Albert Camus.

One thought on “Poetry from Mark Young

  1. I’m glad that Mark Young is continuing his “Postman” series, which I believe began about 20 years ago. It’s good that he is referring to the “postwoman” too. Mark’s large body of work is an international treasure.

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