Poetry from Mark Young

America’s / culinary roots / & Caribbean flavors

Ignore the variable sample 
size, even when there are 
such influential outliers 
in the data as the Dearborn 
Truck Plant, an upscale 
specialty sandwich concept 
shop unmatched by any 
nearby drug store. I have 
been guilty of eating the 
odd haute/uberchic/upscale 
sandwich myself! The Kill-
deer & Canadian Geese 
that nest on its green 
roof can be dealt with 
by rule-directed searches 
through mutation sequence 
space that incorporate 
energy production as 
well as food producing 
facilities. It will be days 
before authorities can 
determine the cause of death.

Materialist hermeneutics

The oven is a
resonant space 
within which I 
can move easily.

I put an egg & 
some hotdogs in-
to it; what comes 
out is expanded 

& dynamically 
rearranged. Each 
time it is the 
event itself which 

operates against 
the ego in order 
to make room for 
deconstruction; & 

in doing so, opens 
a window in which 
to explicitly address 
the techno-sexuality

of the digital page.

Sousa phoned

Snare drum 
undone is hum-
drum until 
rimshot or 
pokes noise into 
its silence. Such 
a puzzle, perhaps 
part riddle. Stick 
figures giving
flesh to frame-
work. Is con/

Cultural artifice

Gerbils are not for-
bidden, nor are the latest 
Broadway refrains, even 
when played on rubber 
violins. The conservative 
Ordnung that guides 
Swartzentruber practise 
is still moderate enough 
not to alienate swing 
voters. Attracted by it
he started back for 
Cedar City. Rarely is the 
Toreador's song more
successfully achieved.


No content at the 
moment but later 
will be. It's possible 
the ultimate constituents 
of the planned structure
might consist wholly 
of senses or concepts
but it's more likely
to be hot muscle car 
babes with great curves 
that love muscle cars 
& the guys who own 
them. Surprising how
fish survive so well in 
what must be a harsh 
& hostile environment.

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  1. Fan of your work Mark.. Wide range of subjects, styles in this set. More poems should include paradiddles.

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