Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Young South Asian man with red hair, glasses, and a red collared shirt.
Mesfakus Salahin

Snow Maiden

I am telling you Snow Maiden

You will melt like wax

The wind will lose your scent

The sea will carry your identity

I still love you

I know you won’t be mine

Flocks of seagull will be your companion

Your whiteness will be swayed by catkin

Bedouin will find your address

I will be a nomad like time

The speed will hang on one leg.

I’ll wear your nupur in the dance of memory

Will sell morning and afternoon

I will buy lost night.

Modern Saints

A serious meditation carried out

By seven modern holy saints

A well frog sings the song of Shiva

The mountain walks in the hands of the moon

Darkness lurks every night

A flood of kings in the midst of light

A daughter of two fathers

The illusion of shadow in the shell

May find your body

Timeless action is in the womb of time.

Whose is whose? No religion

The moon forgot her address

Everyone is wandering, the path is unknown.