Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

South Asian man with reading glasses and red shoulder length hair. He's got a red collared shirt on.
Mesfakus Salahin

Circle Family

Can someone find me a map? 
Where  there is no bloody barbed wire fence 
There will only be lines of love 
Villages of humanity will undoubtedly reach the sky 

The paths along the way will be dreamy
 The song of communism will be heard in the flock of birds 
The tone of union will anchor the language of the earth
The footprints will not be pierced by the arrows of hatred
 A flower's aroma will grow in the congealed wound 

Let our children draw that map
 Poetry will touch the edge of that map 
All the accumulated troubles will be removed
There will be no tears in the world of circles 
Hungry eyes will not burn.