Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

South Asian man with reading glasses and red shoulder length hair. He's got a red collared shirt on.
Mesfakus Salahin
Bring Back My Love Again 

Stop here shadow 
Where are you going?
What is your destination?
Where will your ship anchor?
The queen of time
The queen  of love
Come back
Hug me like butterflies
Bring back my love 
Bring back my love again
You bring back my love again.

You have gone drunk with greed
For the transitoriness of morning dewdrops
That will be destroyed after rising the sun
You are a collector of flowers
You change yourself every moment 
But you can't change the feather of love
 Everything bows to time
You have to bow to time
You have to be burnt 
With the fire of love
Stop everything 
Just stop everything 
Come back
And bring back my love again.

The moon of my sky is down 
Who will shake my heart?
Who will give happiness to my eyes?
Who will paint my dreams?
Don't think me as an old stone
I am not lifeless love 
My love is not lifeless 
Come and walk in my heart 
See the sea of love
Come back
Look at my face 
Here is your seal of love 
I can't wash my face 
I can't breath without your love
I want to hide in you 
Don't walk in wrong track 
Here is true love 
Here is true peace
Here is true happiness
Come back 
And bring back my love again. 

Have you touched the mountain of snow?
My warmth is  stored there for you
Have you smeared the South wind? 
In which the words of my love are composed 
Have you swum in the river of love? 
That just flows my love 
Have you heard the sound of love?
It is in my heart
Geometric love will inspire you to come back
A circle cannot change it’s center
Love is not love which is calculated
come back
And bring back my love again. 

Don't break the rhythm of poetry 
As my soul lives in it
Don’t miss the flight of time
Time is limited but love is long
Don't blame on your forehead 
As there is no true reason 
Get ride of the sins of the delusions
Which are full of crime 
Come out of the cave of darkness
As there is no vision 
No vision, no love
Come back
I will disappear your darkness 
Come back to the cave  of light 
Light is love
You bring back my love again. 

You tried to trickle me 
No, I am not fooled
Tears do not quench the flame
You cheated on yourself 
You have drowned in the sea  of injustice 
Yet only you are in my prayers
I love you from the depth of heart
I live in you 
Ignite the emptiness 
Fill the cup of love
Come back
And bring back my love again. 

May life be blessed
May the expression of the circle
And  the day -night of the moon -sun be united Immortality is in love history. 
The rain will come from the heaven
The desert will give birth civilization
Trees will spread their branches
You are asked 
You are invited
Come back
Please come back
And bring back my love again..