Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Permanent Lover

Let me walk around you
I shall be the sky above your head
And give you the shade of love
I shall be the ground under your feet
And make your way comfortable 
I shall be the air of dream 
And give you a dreamland. 

Let me walk with you
And hold your hand
I shall be your eternal companion 
Leading you from hell to heaven 
We shall fly to our destination together
All the butterflies will carry us
The flowers will adorn us. 

Let me walk with your soul
And carry it in my heart
I shall follow your footprints 
Remembering the shadow of the spring
The fountain will whisper with the sea
The hills will guard your memories 
And the rivers will dance to well come us.

Let me walk in your memories
 Without you I am alone
Like an empty vessel of time
The moon is like a barren field
Where nobody can plough love
I hear the sound of dream 
It seems that you are always in my heart.

Let me walk with you
And paint the colour of art
Life is an endless Gallery 
Where everything is transitory 
But nothing is meaningless and lost 
Give me a soft permission  
To be a permanent lover.

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