Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

South Asian man with shoulder length white and red-orange hair, a black and white top, brown eyes, and reading glasses at the top of his head. He's standing in front of an exit to a brick vault building with light behind him.
Epic of Love

The depth of your eyes is endless 
There is a vast sea
I lost there in my every breath 
I touched the waves of the sea
I want to be a boat of your sea 
I want to be a sailor of the ancient sea.

My heart is a hut
It is poor and tiny
The space of your heart is great
It is greater than hundred worlds
It is full of dream and liquid love
I want to be a dreamer
I want to be a true lover
I want to swim in your love sea.

The flagrance of your breath is sweet
It is sweeter than all the flowers of the world
It is unconditional and true
I wan to touch your breath
I want to take a bath with your breath.

The rhyme of your voice is pleasant
It is more pleasant than the verses of my poetry 
It dances the air surrounding you
I want to be a listener of your voice
If you are mine forever.
I want to stop writing poems 
As, you are the epic of my love.

You have a soul that connects me
When l saw you first but that was not first inside me
I conquered you before your heart bit. 

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