Poetry from Mirta Liliana Ramirez

Older middle aged Latina woman with short reddish brown hair, light brown eyes, and a grey blouse.
Mirta Liliana Ramirez
Your Eyes 
(Dedicated to my son Esteban) 

A little piece of me 
He was delivered into my arms... 
With innocence and joy 
You looked at me... 
Sky blue eyes. 
You gave me life, 
I crossed the firmament 
And the sea in an instant, 
Reflected in your eyes 
I understood that those eyes 
Sometimes turquoise 
Sometimes blue sky 
Would light my way 
Every time I got lost... 
Because you would be 
The guide in my confusions.

Mirta Liliana Ramírez has been a poet and writer since she was 12 years old. She has been a Cultural Manager for more than 35 years. Creator and Director of the Groups of Writers and Artists: Together for the Letters, Artescritores, MultiArt, JPL world youth, Together for the letters Uzbekistan 1 and 2. She firmly defends that culture is the key to unite all the countries of the world. She works only with his own, free and integrating projects at a world cultural level. She has created the Cultural Movement with Rastrillaje Cultural and Forming the New Cultural Belts at the local level and also from Argentina to the world.