Poetry from Mirta Liliana Ramirez

Older middle aged Latina woman with short reddish brown hair, light brown eyes, and a grey blouse.
Mirta Liliana Ramirez
To my heart 
they have hurt him 
hundred times.
tore it apart, 
The deception 
shook him. 
made him bleed... 
But nothing 
he annihilated him. 

With pain he beat 
and again 
but he did not succumb. 
showing me 
that exist 
beautiful things 
by which 
it's worth living. 

The ones that hurt 
must be left behind 
as experience 
that I must not repeat.

Mirta Liliana Ramírez has been a poet and writer since she was 12 years old. She has been a Cultural Manager for more than 35 years. Creator and Director of the Groups of Writers and Artists: Together for the Letters, Artescritores, MultiArt, JPL world youth, Together for the letters Uzbekistan 1 and 2. She firmly defends that culture is the key to unite all the countries of the world. She works only with his own, free and integrating projects at a world cultural level. She has created the Cultural Movement with Rastrillaje Cultural and Forming the New Cultural Belts at the local level and also from Argentina to the world.