Poetry from Moustafa Dandoush

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Poet Moustafa Dandoush
For You
I’ve made worlds for you,
But you refused them.
I’ve written poems for you,
But you didn't understand them.
I’ve expressed my feelings a thousand times for you,
But you never felt them.
I’ve spoken using new languages for you,
But you didn't try to translate them.
I’ve knelt down many times for you,
But you didn't even notice them.
I’ve cried a lot of tears for you,
But you didn't want to wipe them.
I was waiting for your hands and you,
But you didn't come for them.
Celebrating Your Birthday
Although lots of blessings in this life,
I'm only blessed with you and yourself.
For me, On your birthday,
"you mean the world" is all that I want to say.
Blow out the candles of your birthday cake,
Don't be afraid, I won't leave you in the dark.
I pray, may God be always by your side,
I want you to always lift up your head in pride.
You have a good, honest and true heart,
You're my bestie, and my soulmate.
Happy birthday to you from someone who truly appreciates you,
Happy birthday to you for all the good work that you always do.

Okay, WE are NO longer together,
But, What happened to “FOREVER”?
My heart is now in so much pain,
My tears are falling like cats-and-dogs rain.
I can no longer sleep a full night,
You broke my heart and we’re torn apart.
No one can save me from the dark's might.
Now, there is no light.
Kindly know that
I loved you, I love you still
I promise, I always will.
I still don't know why you said your goodbye
but still I know that I'll love you till the day I die.
My heart is broken, but hope is still there
That One day, we might get back together
Maybe next time, it will be FOREVER.
Moustafa Hamoud Dandoush is a writer with a degree in English Literature and Language at Syria’s Tishreen University. He enjoys reading poetry, novels and plays as well as writing.

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