Poetry from Muhammad Ubandoma

When winter's embrace arrives,
Softly stirring from slumber,
Like a hushed lullaby sung by gentle winds,
Yearning for the familiar path of old,
Guiding us towards the new.

Like the courageous battle of dawn against night,
I witnessed mama's presence, fierce and overpowering,
As she crushed the boy and his mother,
With a force that echoed through the air,
Sucking the light from their souls.
She attempted to bind the elusive breeze,
But all she saw was the breeze binding her,
Within the confines of her modest bamboo kitchen.
Moments passed by, yet the tangled threads above remained oblivious,
To the elusive vapor that perpetually emerged,
From mama's fiery stick that dances with flames.

But in the end,
That flammable liquid quelled her burdens,
And the threads warmly welcomed their companion,
Transforming the walls into a canvas of darkness.

Are you a soul, a being enraptured by melodies in this vast world? Yesterday, my mother's voice, like a bare tongue, unraveled a prophecy within me. It spoke of a looming day when those who cling to the insignificant beats will be drawn towards the allure of the most enchanting tones. On that last day, drums shall resound, reverberating throughout the realms for all to hear. Yet only a select few shall surrender to the rhythm's irresistible pull.

But I question if this day bears the weight of judgment's hand, a day where girls and boys, women and men, shall race swifter than a fleeting sparrow. I beseech not for our presence in witnessing such a day, but for our transcendence, away from its grasp. For this day is known as "Nafsi, Nafsi," a whispered call to depart, where no companions can remain. It is a mystery, where strangers move alongside one another, their true selves concealed.

In the depths of our hearts, we crave a tranquil oasis, where peace flows like a gentle river. Like the sweet embrace of a mother's love, unity is the tapestry that adorns our deepest desires. 

Our nation, once plagued with turbulence, yearns for the soothing balm of harmony. Fear shall not bind us, for we possess the courage of steadfast warriors. As we kneel in humble reverence, our prayers ascend like fragrant incense, seeking divine intervention for our heralds.

Together, we must forge an unbreakable bond of trust, as solid as the earth beneath our feet. For the lands we tread upon are vast, stretching infinitely towards the horizon, beckoning us to summon our leaders and beckon forth their unwavering support.