Poetry from Muheez Olamilekan

Trapped in the Blinding Contrails

a star has jetted down the sky,
drowning me in its blinding contrails,

my legs flail in their search for footholds, 
but they sky holds none.

weathered scrolls with evanescent words map my cavernous world,
ruling out the life my heart considers a cocoon.

i seem to be lost on this winding path,
despite the plethora of hands pushing me forward.

being myself isn’t an option when my life
is a totality of my predecessors’.

my struggles in the contrails are measured by perfectionist eyes.
let me out of the sky, find me somewhere beneath the earth.

i wish to be a lone ‘one’ and not just a product of one and one,
i wish not my life to be thrown into the mausoleum of my predecessors’.

and while I stay adrift in the skies tonight, i try not to drown my successor
in the blinding contrails i leave behind.

What Father Calls Language

I come from a corner of the world
where you have to clip the wings of your words with scissors
so they don’t fly from your throat
into your audience’s brain through the wrong hole.

Father says I don’t have to move my lips
before the words ooze into my listener’s brain
because language isn’t what I speak or write,
it is that which revolves in my head.
unsaid. unheard.

When it Climaxes…

my eyes widen, the cornea stretches,
the brown pupils growing rounder and larger,
multiplying the proximity between the eyelids.

my lungs call for air but air seems to stop moving
at the vestibules of my nose.

the airs on every part of me arise like soldiers
responding to the call of duty.

my right hand, despite being shackled by my wristwatch,
flails freely in the air, the popcorn in the captivity
of its fingers roll backwards, finding the way out,
while the left one grasping the popcorn cup remains immobile in the air.

my legs are caged in my canvas shoes,
rooted to a spot like the iroko.

a piece of popcorn awaiting its fate
-- to be crunched to death by the ruthless molars
and drowned in the sea of saliva that flows down my belly --
drops back into the cup, followed by
a drop of saliva that my tongue catches mid-air.

my eyes dart left & right, front & back,
searching through the myriad of faces that swarm around me,
for whoever might have seen me drool.
but none! everyone else suffers this fate.

my eyes fly back to the huge wall before me
where the pictures move, move & move again.

that’s a huge plot twist, i must confess.

When Love Beckons

follow with your head and not your heart,
cause the heart is a fool that makes too many mistakes
that put your poor head in trouble,
and let it resound through the chambers of your ventricle 
that love is but blind,
so keep your eyes open,
as you traverse the realm of love,
so you don’t crash into the disaster that shatters your heart.

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