Poetry from Muntasir Mamun Kiron

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Muntasir Mamun Kiron
The Best Language Bangla

In the land of rivers wide and green,
Where history's tapestry is woven unseen,
There lies a tongue, melodious and sweet,
That echoes through the ages, a heartbeat.

Bangla, the language of passion and fire,
Whispers of freedom, soaring higher,
In its syllables, tales of courage untold,
In its verses, dreams of old.

From the banks of Padma to the hills afar,
Bangla's essence, like a guiding star,
Unites the hearts, in love and in song,
A melody that's ancient, yet ever strong.

With every word, a story unfurls,
Of triumphs, struggles, and pearls,
A language of poets, thinkers, and seers,
Echoing through time, conquering fears.

Oh Bangla, in your rhythms, we find,
A symphony of the heart and mind,
In your letters, a nation's pride,
Forever in you, our spirits abide.

Muntasir Mamun Kiron is a student of grade 10 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.