Poetry from Muntasir Mamun Kiron

Young South Asian preteen boy in a white shirt school uniform and with short brown hair.
Muntasir Mamun Kiron

Binary Ballet

In the digital dawn, where circuits hum,
Science and Technology intertwine, 
become one.

Their dance, a rhythm of logic and wonder,
Weaves a tapestry of progress, pulling us under.
Science, the sage with inquisitive eyes,
Peers through telescopes, reaching the skies.
It whispers equations to the cosmic breeze,
Unraveling galaxies, unlocking celestial keys.

Technology, the artisan of silicon and wire,
Crafts innovations that spark our desire.
From microchips to quantum realms,
It bridges the gap between dreams and realms.

Together they tango, a harmonious pair,
In labs and data centers, they declare:
“Let there be light, let there be code,
Let curiosity guide us on this cosmic road.”

Science observes, questions, and seeks,
While Technology builds bridges, peaks.
They birth revolutions, pixel by pixel,
In this grand symphony, their notes enthrall.

So raise a toast to this binary ballet,
Where ones and zeros waltz, night and day.
For Science and Technology, hand in hand, 
lead us forward, toward a future so grand.

Muntasir Mamun Kiron is a student of grade 10 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.