Poetry from Muslima Murodova (needs to stay May 1st)

Central Asian girl with long dark hair standing in front of a map with a blue and white floral blouse.
 Immaculate sky

 Wide and clear,
 It's always sunny.
 You can't stop looking
 Immaculate sky.

 Birds decorate the day,
 Star gazing at night.
 The moon shines
 Our eyes are happy.

 House of snow and rain
 Cloud's favorite.
 The heart of the peasants,
 Ascending beacon.

 The stars are kind,
 It shines every moment.
 Likes for humans
 A crescent moon in the sky.

 When you are happy, when you are sad,
 You can watch and enjoy.
 Forget your troubles
 You will reach your goal.

Murodova Muslima Kadyrovna was born on June 29, 2010 in Jondar district of Bukhara region. Currently, she is a 7th grade student of school No. 30 in this district. Her first poem was published in 2024 under the name "Come beautiful spring". Winner of many achievements. She won the 2nd place at the festival held in the district. She won the 1st place in the district stage and the 2nd place in the regional stage of the "Bakhtim Shul: Zulfiyasiman Uzbek" contest. Her first anthology was published by the UK publisher Justfiction Edition.