Poetry from Mykyta Ryzhykh

people don't want to die either
in spring or summer
prisons are open all year round
(Reprint by Dreginald)

sad clowns
die with a smile
every time
performed on stage
(Reprint by Dreginald)

nightingale staged a night gala
every night he flies to my yard
even after my death
(Reprint by Dreginald)

torn faces
torn tracks
(Reprint by Dreginald)

statues also die
and time is not easy to consider
among all that one
in memory of which one today
the bells are ringing in the church
(Reprint by Dreginald)

Roar of war
Garcia Lorca don't go back to Granada
(Reprint by Monterey poetry review)

summer is a mystery
the winter of nuclear war still
lives in the heart
(Reprint by Monterey poetry review)

Old-fashioned tragicomedy

armor protects the soul with the body
and the bombs are flying
(Reprint by Monterey poetry review)

The cemetery under the bed opens at the first request
Once upon a time in childhood we were taught to make little men from matches
Today we are taught to burn

My mother says that life was better under the Soviet Union
Someday the future will come, but not now
Today we are taught the word "later"
(Reprint by Star 82 review, 11.3)

doctor said 
that i died 
and i agreed

Cardboard Bird
In a raspy voice

Doesn’t eat anything
Doesn’t drink anything

Doesn’t touch anyone
Рretending to be the wind
Handing out money right and left

Imagines himself
A picture of the postmodern half-life

And something else very important
I do not remember
Maybe wings
Could be a beak
Maybe a soul

I do not remember
(Reprint by Wise Owl)

I promise that I will take away my painful darkness
But not right now

I will be able to understand the meaning of this darkness in the future
Well for now

Give me a chance to die again
Cause freedom is loneliness
Love is a crime against loneliness
(Reprint by Wise Owl)

I play war games and watch scat on TV
My freckles are gone
And yes, I will have to pay back the loan for this
(Reprint by Corvus review)

Houston, you're in trouble
The gypsy's prediction did not come true
And a lot has happened
Ever since someone jumped off a bridge
The dew from under the eyes has not dried
Where did it all go
Where does it all go
Republic of the Dusk Star
Your cold palms sparkling in the sun
Whisper that it's very cold
The sun has completely faded
The universe is tensed up
And lives in constant tension
around you ever since
How someone jumped off a bridge
At the same time, they started selling
Watermelons have risen in price this year
Strengthening the internationalization of economic relations between states and the deformation of the economy are possible causes of inflation, causing food prices to rise
(Reprint by Corvus review)