Poetry from Mykyta Ryzhykh


а chick that has fallen from a nest into the water cannot swim

the water becomes covered with a crust of ice

the chick feels like a fish in its belly

the world poured out from the cracked shell spills out into the silensе

a dead hen laid a wasted vain egg


dragonfly drinks

the voice of stone

the night swallows up

the spring


tree turns into a crucifixion cross

no one asks the tree why it grew

I kiss you while you sleep in next your dreams

no one asks me what I wish for


you need to dress warmer because the cemetery under the bed is still growing and the snow continues to fall in silence

for silence

to silence

flowers dream of knowing nothing about the grave and I don’t want to know anything about you

about snow

about death

sperm looking for its nest

the nest is looking for something to fill its emptiness

I'm aiming a shooting star at my temple

the world around goes out


Horizon blushes

Sunrise hues in bloom cascade

Daybreak's painted sky

(With AI)


Ocean whispers softly,

Tides paint poetry.

(With AI)

a leaf of my soul is torn off

I haven't seen sakura for a long time
I've never seen sakura

the master's face 
in the mirror of my freckles

bird gypsum

my eyes are stuck in the web of the sky

Who among us has not fallen in love 
with a young Justin Bieber in his youth?

Icons with saints and a poster
with pop stars are torn off the walls of a collapsed house

Star 82 review reprint

the swallow is crying blue

brother is a brute brutus

I won't be able to be one day

stomach ripped open with tears

headlight light lantern light eye light
night in the hood

In the moonlit forest 
I want to die australopithecus

the drum dies loud

the notes of the music 
will evaporate in the air

injury leaves
grass and glass
water and sun

dry cough
wet forehead

T r e p
T r i p
R i p
I p

The stars drowning in the night 
Do not shine for anyone

Even kittens can die

I go out into the snow
I become snow

I'm drawing
I'm drawing
I'm drawing
I'm blind

Green grass
Green glass


Beetles can't sing

The dog god was born in the cold
Every dog came into this world cold
From what silence of thought to mold the resurrection and death of a pagan god
And suddenly God will not be resurrected?
Will it suddenly turn out that this god does not belong to the pagans?

All the religions of the world struggle with the bag of death
Is it for life?
Cowardice is noted by every dog
Fleeing is blood-soaked
Hunger or the palms of the dog god
The palmless paws of the dog god
Godless dogs

Every stray dog is a dog god born in the cold

(The Wise Owl reprint)

autumn draws winter

how a chicken uses a microwave
a black star lights up in the sky

burn like chicken on the grill
or live like a bird that cannot fly 
for slaughter

kings are everywhere 
even in the mirror

tastes could not be discussed 
the proud tree is silent as before
but now in the form 
of a paper cup 
for coffee

no one asked the grass why it grew and uprooted it
the grass is our home
grass is our glass
wallpaper glue doesn't hold the wallpaper of the homeless well

baby was born in the grass
grass was born in a child
the sun shines in the summer for everyone