Poetry from Nasimova Rukhshona


 Don't come near me, out of my mind
 I will not reveal my heart to you.
 You see, you come to my heart,
 I still can't go to you.

 A bird fell from the sky on my shoulder,
 You are the dark nights that haunt me.
 Just a dream in your mind,
 One day you will hurt your heart.

 The winds slap my face,
 If you miss me, don't come near me.
 Heartbreak is something that
 I still remember the feelings!

Nasimova Rukhshona is from the Samarkand region, Urgut district, Kenagas neighborhood. She is a 1st year student of Tashkent International University of Financial Management and Technologies
Faculty of Uzbek language and literature

One thought on “Poetry from Nasimova Rukhshona

  1. Nasimova, you speak a plantive truth; my favorite line is: “…you are the dark nights that haunt me.” Superb!

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