Poetry from Nazokat Urinboeva

Young Central Asian woman with brown eyes, long brown hair in a ponytail down her back, square earrings, and a pink collared top with ruffled vests and sparkly bows.
Nazokat Urinboeva

The more the soil spreads, the more the root,

The rod is as long as the blue one can freely stretch.

If your head reaches the sky, kiss the star,

Don’t forget your ancestors, remember your descendants.

He lies in the grave embracing his love for the country,

It is an example, this is an indelible wound of Babur…

If we wake the world from sleep with words,

The roar of the lions is eternal!

Nazokat Urinboeva is one of the young poets of Uzbekistan. Currently, she is a master’s student at the National University of Uzbekistan. She’s a member of international organizations of Argentina, India, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, Georgia, participated in about twenty national and foreign creative collections and anthologies.

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