Poetry from Nigar Nurulla Khalilova

Light skinned woman with short blonde hair and earrings and a light blue jacket and black coat sitting at a table.
The Girl of Lugansk

Barefooted walking girl on the street
In prickly frost of morning hours
On icy slippery scald- head of the earth
With broken bloody knees.
Standing up and falling down,
Going alone nowhere.
Teared away from the world and herself.
Becoming more wicked.
Cold touching upon the bones
Of the kept silent victim.
Passers- by not finding any word.
Somebody tightly hiding the neck
Under fox collar,
Feeling sorry deep in the heart,
But not asking her anything.
Another one looks askance at the girl,
Expressing the contempt.
…O, Umpire judge!
Sometimes we can hang
The lock of indifference,
Not hear the dumb scream for help.
We are deaf, as caterpillars,
No demand from us,
And the conscience
Becoming blind,
The fire in the eyes is gone.

Nigar Nurulla Khalilova is a poet, novelist, translator from Azerbaijan, currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is a member of Azerbaijan Writers Union. She graduated from Azerbaijan Medical University and holds a Ph.D. 

One thought on “Poetry from Nigar Nurulla Khalilova

  1. Nigar, your poetry is expressive of powerful precepts regarding our sometimes indifference to the benighted plight of others. Your writing is superb; please continue to craft your poetry.

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