Poetry from Noah Berlatsky

Mock Poet


Out of the blue of the internet


asked me, as a non-poet,

to recommend a poem

for a special issue on non-poets

recommending poets.


Okay! I said. But!

There is a problem!



I am a poet!

(Imagine a fanfare here.)

(You can find one on the internet.)


Out of the blue of the internet


responded. “That’s okay,” they said.

They added, for encouragement:

“I play tennis sometimes.

But it’s not like I’m a tennis player.

Hobbyists are fine.”


Hey! I said.

(Imagine a sad fanfare here.)

(Imagine a weeping emoji.)


I have a book!

I am a real poet!


The internet shimmered.

The fanfare died.

I recommended


And sat down to write

whatever this is.


Not a poem.

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