Poetry from O’tkir Kochkor

Central Asian man standing in front of an ancient building with Islamic architecture, mosaic designs and sloping arches. He's in a collared shirt and jeans with a belt and in a crowd of people.


My navel blood.. spilled dirt,

Basil is fragrant, mint is full of smallpox.

In the lamp.. the light illuminates,



The value of every breath

Mother’s love, Father’s prayer.

Priceless, priceless jewel,

Erk’s echo in the mountain.


The air is an example.

Dear as bread, dignified as water.

A gift from the creator,

A thousand good news in one memory.


And the dear, noble place,

If you love, you will be happy with love.

If you catch one, you win ten.

Soaring vulture on your chest.


The Alps are blue and lightning is proud,

The first look from birth.

The feeling of having found its place,

A dog who fell in love and enjoyed it.


Peace be upon you, corner of hearts,

The soul of every nation.

Heaven is the land.. I was born,

The Uzbek people are Uzbekistan.


O’tkir Mulikboyev Kochkor oglu, Koshrabot district, Samarkand region, Republic of Uzbekistan

The son of Mulikboyev O’tkir Kochkor was born on August 11, 1990.

Currently, he is a student of the “Primary Education” department of Tashkent ISFT Institute Teacher of “Primary Education” at School 75, Koshrabot District, Samarkand Region.

His creative works are “Bakht khunirogi” Tashkent, “Buta 5” Azerbaijan, “Turan writers” Turkey, “Anthology of Kazakh and Uzbek artists” Uzbekistan, “Uzbek writers anthology” Canada, “Young Pencilers 2″ ” Published in Moldovan, republican and international collections.

His poems were translated into Turkish, Azerbaijani, English, Russian and published in more than ten countries. Hundreds of poems have appeared in the press. Awarded with the “Initiative Reformer” badge of the international level.

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