Poetry from Patrick Sweeney

my nose says 'frost' to the rest of me

a three-crow caw alarm

the old age moon's lousy company

the broken intermolecular bonds in the water the plum twig sips

cutting the mouse tail off the white turnip

he took his blood-blisters into the next world

flybys to the outer planets: dumpster dives for the Son of Man

the extinction of languages right up to this shoo-be-doo-da-day

Saturday morning: negotiating the release of a tree frog

when they caught him, he was knighting sunflowers with a switch

Oh, the Dardanelles of sleeplessness

the soft tread of a Shawnee hunting party: city sirens

making a wish on the star atop her parochial school paper

deep in tinseled thoughts of long ago

I was sitting next to one of those zero sum guys who wouldn't hurt a fly

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Patrick Sweeney

  1. Very nice! You made me think of Amelia Rosselli’s poetic fragments published in ‘Appunti sparsi e persi’ (‘Scattered and Lost Notes’, don’t think it’s available in English though).

  2. Thank you, Maurizio, I will look for a copy of Rosselli’s work.

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