Poetry from Rasheed Olayemi


To keep body and soul
People need jobs 
A good job, a great joy
Improves man's morale

But when a man lacks a day job
His joy vanishes throughout the day
A dependent he becomes 
Brooding all day long

Long period of joblessness
Long period of joylessness
A psychological distress
That wrecks psyche

Massive unemployment
Attracts pervasive poverty
And escalates crime rates
Evils hide in unemployment

A struggle to get a job
A positive move 
That can save man 
From the pains of poverty 

If you're jobless
Get tangible activity, legit
For your daily bread
Steer clear of idleness
Idleness attracts lawless acts

One thought on “Poetry from Rasheed Olayemi

  1. Rasheed, your words transcend poetry and speak to the fundamental truths of the world. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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