Poetry from Robert Fleming

Middle aged white man making a silly face with digitally accented green eyebrows and pink cheeks.
Robert Fleming
Four Dimensions Aren’t Enough


in the 1/5th:


eyes eyeball an inverted lemon chiffon castle turret

the blind see a bald eagle three miles away


ears wave a green Labrador dog hearing first thunder

the deaf hear moth’s ear wax squeak


fingertips spark supernovas

the unhanded touch manatees without touching them


tongues lick fluffy pink fiberglass cotton insulation

the untongued taste catfish tail receptors


nostrils inhale Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

the noseless scent elephant tusks a continent away


Espers predict the unfathomable past

non-Espers omen the apocalyptic Day of the Opossum


Theodor Kaluza sucks an lsd blotter onstage in a gold lame leisure suit

Oskar Klein sings with trigonometry we’re up and away in our beautiful balloon


panku polygon pandemonium


panku is a nine-word poem but not a nonagon


two tongues lick peanut butter ice-cream lick each other


my tongue through a jelly donut licks your strawberry

French:            franÇais beiser dans Paris printemps haut Eiffel la Tour 

English:           French kissing in Paris springtime top of Eiffel tower

Japanese:       datsui kimono musabori-kuu watashi-no sushi unagi to nomikomu

English:           disrobe kimono devour my sushi eel and swallow


An Alexa listening device with random questions: Can miracles exist? Can I find love? Can I lose five pounds? Can I win the lottery? Can my run over coon hound be un run? Can a wrung chicken neck be un-wrung? Can a decapitated head be recapped? Can the dead be resurrected? Can an ozone hole be filled? no. another request?
Alexa, can miracles exist?
Image of a nuclear power plant with lightning striking it, questions overlaid in white text
Last Bucket Item
People crossing a crosswalk in a large city in front of Levi's and H and M
Toto, we’re not in Oz anymore
Image of a dam and hydroelectric power plant superimposed at odd angles in front of each other
Thunder Bay hydro-electric power plant

Robert Fleming (b. 1963) is a word-artist from Lewes, Delaware, United States. Robert follows his mother as a visual artist and his grandfather as a poet. Contributing editor of Old Scratch Press Short-Form Collective. Member of the Rehoboth Beach and Horror Writers Association. Wins: 2022 San Gabriel Valley California-1 poem, 2021 Best of Mad Swirl poetry, Delaware Press Association: 2 honorable mentions; Nominations: 2 Pushcart and 2 Best of the Net. https://www.facebook.com/robert.fleming.5030