Poetry from Robert Fleming

Elf Emergency
when calculus is enough 

x = woman 
y = man

Theorem 1

derivative man and woman equals
woman or
man or
woman join man or
woman join woman or
man join man or
many men join woman or
many women join man

--------    = x ∨ y ∨ xy | x2 | y2 | x2y | y2x ∨ x2y

Theorem 2

integrate from not love to love equals
you and i are a set

∫ {u i}

Theorem 3

integrate from love to not love equals
you are i are not the same elements or
you and i are not a set or
we are null

∫ u ∉ i {u i} {}
now fails me

y? O y?
y pushed out of mother’s birth canal?
lava lamp save me
lava not volcano spewd
lamp spews that save
iris light spectrum
ooze green river / river of lava / ooze on
my lava lust flows on 
like green garden snakes slithering 
4 lava heat
now / another now
lava ooze clean my blood
kidney green red blue filter my

lava oozes on


Light Zuppai

remaining temple oil
can just light light for one day
oil lights for eight days

green kryptonite
unzipped sleeping bag grass
flash light reader reads

a teepee needs lite
book pages under wood lite
a log cabin lights

where the city shines
upward bright white lights all night
the stars shine blackness
The day the rotation died

before days the earth maker dropped a globe into an axis
the 1st degree of west to east rotation rotated
on the 1st day light was created
the motor rotated earth 180o to dark

before disco balls only mirror balls rotated
after the 7th day the 1st 487 mirrors were glued on a 12” sphere
projected in Die Sinfonie der Großstadt from a Berlin nightclub
in 1927 mirror balls became disco balls

on day 4,541,000,000 a pale blue Antarctic ozone hole is born
the earth’s rotation speed increased by .001 mph
day light reduced 1 second a day
human body clocks stayed at a 24-hour schedule

disco balls lost mirror reflection from spot lights
demanded dark breaks & no more fucken Bee Gees
fucken night fever on endless repeat
the DJs never give the disco balls a dark break

on day 5,541,000,000 the earth’s rotation speed increased by 1 mph
day light reduced a minute and a half per day
the equator sea level rises 2 inches waving 2 the poles
human body clocks stayed to a 24-hour schedule

at half-time of a White Sox & Detroit Tigers double-header
disco died July 12, 1979 at Chicago's Comiskey Park
70,000 disco demolitionists burned 10,000 Donna Summer Bad Girls albums
disco died, but not disco balls

on the last day the earth rotates east to west
the disco ball rotates counterclockwise 6 to              
the human body clock is a 22-hour schedule

Robert Fleming lives in Lewes, DE. Published in United States, Canada, and Australia. Member of the Rehoboth Beach, Eastern Shore, and Horror Writer’s Association. 2022 winner of San Gabriel Valley CA broadside-1 poem, 2021 winner of Best of Mad Swirl poetry and nominated for Pushcart Prize by Ethel Zine and FailBetter and double nominated for best of the net by Devil’s Party Press. Follow Robert at facebook.com/robert.fleming.5030.