Poetry from Rori Raghda

“Rock and Sand”

Raghda Mouazen, Syria

As rock and sand we live

You so strong cannot be harmed

Taking over the surface, keeping me captive

The pressure goes on and on till I burned

Breakable now I to glass turned

You say sand I used to be I won’t break

There I lay shattered under rocks

They say it was the heat and you made no mistake

“My Sole Sun”

Raghda Mouazen, Syria                

I truly adore
Your dazzling shine
Lovely upon my core
The dreary night you confine
With flames of vitality you always bore.

Stunned, Impassioned I behold
How you can reach
Every one and each
Corner of my world.

I thrive to survive the mighty storm
My roses are worn, my trees are bare
My fields to a cemetery transform
Only death, only despair
To roam!

I see only black, I feel only cold
Weary as I am, I cannot hold
Impossible for life to flower, to grow
Without your blaze, without your warmth
It is not utter darkness though.

A fair gleam can reach
These silky strings of gold
Penetrate through the shadows
Gently laid upon my sorrows.

Look! how the gallows
Turn to buds and blooms
Oh how the rainbow
Defeats the ache and the gloom
As if I were never hollow.
The bleak dew
Now on the petals glow
A colourful starry sky
You paint in the morn.

The darkness of the night cannot prevail
Or plot the black death of my soul
For although you have worn your veil
A white glimmer of hope you send keeps me whole.

But how do the stars glitter far?
Perhaps every single one
Has its own universe
To bring life to,
To flicker.

Forever in your care
Under your large wings
I find tenderness, I find love
How I adore you up above,
With your everlasting beauty
And compassionate heart,
How vast my love is for thee,


Raghda Mouazen, Syria

Filled with all gloomy thoughts

The air enters my lungs

After whispering into my ears

Leaving me between life and death hung.

You shouldn’t have followed the goblins

Staying with humans was best!

But I have to save the tiny butterflies

And give them the burden of my chest.

A snake keeps hissing

In the air spreading its poison

The butterflies are missing

And the snake is plotting with the goblins.

I swallow the poison downwards

The selfish words keep hissing

I look the snake in the eyes

To stone my mind turns

A new sting on my heart

And it burns.

The goblins laugh and party

Drinking the tears,

Dancing on the sobs

Into giant monsters they turn

Feeding on the fears

Bearing a sword reciting them to me.

Only thorns it plants

Horns they have bent

Words that redden they grant

But believe me certainly not meant!

Blood dripping roses they give

To others who won’t live

To say that they have witnessed the giant’s teeth

A smile they show when I pass by

A knife they stab when I turn my eyes.

Bear the pain I can not

I once escaped but no, now I’m not

I had to regret a lot

For forsaking the slaughter

And die quietly among their laughter.

The strong memory of the ears

Did no good for the red weary eyes

Reciting nothing but fears

Generating only sobs and sighs.

In my throat it is still

The bitterness of the poisonous letters

Breaking my bones

Eating up my flesh

Sucking the crimson well

That feeds my heart.

The pillow is fed up with my tears

The night is furious at my sobs

That broke the sacred silence of the ears

Still, darkness is the only friend that never left me.