Poetry from Sadiya Abdulaziz

If the body told stories 

A scar is an anthology 
inscribed on my body
in delicate pieces, with
life’s treacherous ink.
My skin, once in its glories,
white as the sea’s frothy lip kissing the shore. 
It glistened, for it had never been branded 
by a brush or stained with paint. Until life raided, 
made a conquest on every inch, each territory a different memory.

After Jay Kophy’s: “If the body could speak.”

Sadiya Abdulaziz is a writer and voice-over artist from Nigeria who has been fascinated with stories from a young age. She loves conversational poetry. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Nantygreens, Spillwords, and other publications. Currently, she is a Poetry Fellow of the Sprinng Writing Fellowship. 

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