Poetry from Safarova Zarnigor

Young Central Asian teen girl with brown hair parted on the side, brown reading glasses, a light purple top and a brown and white checkered sweater.
Safarova Zarnigor

I want to smile...
And you are in the air...
Even though I am young, 
I am one of those who have eaten a lot of this old world's morals...
It breaks you when it calls, it doesn't break itself...
It's interesting, then you will also become one of these decency sticks who do not try to say "yes"...
I can't...
I am a servant in this world, if I make a mistake in the morning, I will be punished at noon...
The century of my day comes when I know my lesson...
And you know "Kilmish" but you don't know about "Kidirmish"...
I'm not smiling...
And you are still in the air...
Don't think it's easy for me. I've had pains you don't even know about, even times when I'm ready to give up on dinner. But you know what? I didn't, we all have choices. So don't ever take a wrong step, my dears!

I want to go far away, forget everything, 
To the city that my dream calls to.
I want to go far away, irrevocably
I am alone with this poor soul.
What did my heart not see?
I'm not dead, I'm still alive.
This heart is pounded like a horn,
And yet the heart is still beating.
Fate breaks me, shakes me even,
It  never stopped teaching.
Now I'm used to everything,
Tears did not stop crying.
This is my face when I smile
I have pains that no one knows about. 
There are things I couldn't tell you, 
Mom, so that you don't feel sad. 
Every night I press my face to the pillow,
I was crying so much
With pain in the heart.
This is my face when I smile
I have pains that no one knows about.

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  1. Don’t cry. Yr freedom blows over just being able to pick up and go thru a puzzle of feelings lonelier than ever bedore.
    NiceĀ” & Thanks.

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