Poetry from Sandy Rochelle

Birthday Poem
My mind is filled to capacity by the divine.
There is no longer space for unresolved pain.
Although it never ceases to beat on the door 
of my sanity.
The divine excludes all misery and transforms 
it into love.
As the divine protects its own.
You ask me, 'What about the demands of the outside world.'
There is no outside world.
Only a false world made from fear and loathing.
A  world  tormented by misery and pain.
Waiting to enter and shake it up.
Ah, I say there is no world only love.
for that is what I choose.
What you choose is held in exile until you are ready.
The things of the earth need no external pleasure.
They are secure within.
Demons can no longer survive in the mind as there
is no air for them to breath.
They trip on the ruby slippers left by a lost and
tormented child.
Now healed, safe and free.
The woods are cold and dangerous.
and the life they offer is seductive.
The woods are full of hidden thorns and grief.
They must be left on the craggy rocks.
The must die before inflicting pain and sorrow.
Do not go near them for like burs they will stick
to you forever.
Sandy Rochelle

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