Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

By Sayani Mukherjee

Uniquely designed for mainstream
A six figured tattooed butterfly
On my back
A pat at my shoulder
A beam at my poem
Tree house and childplay things 
My proof of itsy bitsy rock scissors stone
A friendship bracelets with red ribbon
White washed marooned island
Over my chest 
It stays when I form a circle of mates-
Three Pentagons diaphragmatic
Radio shows on for Friday nights
Modernist nonsense and my 
Zabberwocky tricks 
I form my bracelets with my
Tattooed fingertips. 
My jinx my pixie dust my childlike wonder
A little sparkle did no wonder 
Red bracelets white washed marooned island
I hum at my lost poem
A sudden Omition at the back 
A little pinch of dusty drives 
Underneath a new edge control
Completing of a poem for the
Medal gold 
I hope my pixie dust will do 
Good for nothing
For this electric haze on my tattooed butterfly soul.