Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee


The auric field 
Of my own nemesis
Own your tribe
Nurture the sockets of your heart
As if a newly polished
High school ground
That transports your
Little brittle garden 
Into a big pool of 
Melancholic ambrosia. 
My other half as if it
Gently spoke my rawness
My wet treasured hydrangeas
Into a wooden coffin of 
Tumultuous laughing stock
The soft peached rainbow
Bulking around the lawn
The little trinklet of a choir
My sudden bemused allegory
It's fair enough 
Leaden steps 
With my own nemesis

One thought on “Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

  1. “The auric field/of my own nemesis…My sudden bemused allegory/it’s fair enough”

    I think this poem has some deep things to say about the concept of nemesis and what is fair, or unfair, about discomfort.

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