Poetry from Sevinch Erkinova

Young Central Asian teen girl with short straight black hair, brown eyes, and a puffy blue jacket. She's photographed at an angle leaning left.
Sevinch Erkinova

I am sad now, far from joy,
my heart is beating more and more trembling, maybe my sins have increased "less",
More than a nightingale that sings of sorrow.

I'm laughing, don't say I'm happy
Don't be fooled by these words.
You too will stay someday,
When sadness comes...

No, I didn't say sadness was bad.
I have no complaints about it.
I don't smile when sadness comes,
I can't beat him.

Sometimes the heart breaks intolerably,
Try not to stop crying for a moment,
Wash your heart with tears,
My friend, these words are hard to hear.

But I didn't regret a moment of life,
I lived without losing hope, beautiful
I know that death is the destiny of all,
But I prefer my reward to death, I want to leave something, I'm sick.

What kind of illness do you call it, if there is a cure, not a disease?
When a cure is found and hearts are full,
Always be happy
He wakes up every morning saying Alhamdulillah!

If I'm wrong
when my words bring tears to my eyes,
Know that weak servants always,
love you GOD!

I am not alone
I have a piece of paper, a pen,
I am writing out of my heart, sorrow, pain..
If they ask about me one day, say this moment.
Who is he?
           A person who is looking for perfection!

Uzbegoyim Erkinova Charos Elbek's daughter was born on November 13, 2008 in Navroz neighborhood of Pastdargom district of Samarkand region, now she is a 9th grade student of school 105

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  1. My name is Uzbekoyim, Cristina, Sevinch is my sister’s name.I sent it my sister’s email,but thank you for the story.I am happy!

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