Poetry from Shamsiya Khudoynazarova Turumovna

Young middle aged Central Asian woman with short brown hair, reading glasses, a floral top and brown jacket.
Shamsiya Khudoynazarova Turumovna

Sometimes time rejects me 
Sometimes I deny it. 
There are still contradictions, contradictions, 
I'm running away... 
Sometimes protected by a long sentence, 
One word and three points more meaningful. 
Sometimes hidden in little verses, 
The meaning of great sayings. 
Sometimes it is not explained by silence 
The thick darkness of speaking 
And sometimes... 
In the light of a darkened 
The greatness of time is clearly visible... 

(Translated into English by: Elmaya Jabbarova. 

Shamsiya Khudoynazarova Turumovna (February 15, 1973) was born in Uzbekistan. Studied at the Faculty of Journalism of Tashkent State University (1992-1998). She took first place in the competition of young republican poets (1999). Four collections of poems have been published in Uzbekistan: “Leaf of the Heart” (1998), “Roads to You” (1998), “The Sky in My Chest” (2007), “Lovely Melodies” (2013). She wrote poetry in more than ten genres. She translated some Russian and Turkish poets into Uzbek, as well as a book by Yunus Emro. She lived as a political immigrant with her family for five years in Turkey and five years in Ukraine. Currently lives in Switzerland. Married, mother of five children. It was not possible to publish poems and translations written by the poet in the next ten years.

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