Poetry from Shruti Iyer

I want to fall in love
I want to fall in love,
With the emerald green vines,
That glisten in the sun,
Reflecting brilliance in my eyes.

I want to fall in love,
With the tint of rosé,
That unfurls into the azure sky,
As the sun sets into the bay.

I want to fall in love,
With the peals of echoing laughter,
That resonate round the room,
And make my gut ache after.

I want to fall in love,
With the fragrance of fresh tea,
That teases my nostrils,
As my languorous eyelids unseal.

I want to fall in love,
With a stranger’s soft eyes,
As I muse over the cache of secrets,
That dance in disguise.

I want to fall in love,
With the gentle zephyr,
That splays a wisp of hair in my face,
Imbuing chaste pleasure.

But most of all,
I want to fall in love,
With just being,
2) Manifestation of My mind
I write,
To reveal the sorrows,
Trapped beneath my skin,
As I yearn to distill,
Turbid thoughts that lie within.

I write,
To pave the path to,
Uncharted corners of my mind,
As I peel away the layers,
Always beguiled by what I find.

I write,
When I want to bawl,
And bellow from atop the roof,
To run from deafening silence,
To meet eyes with the truth.

I write,
Because I don't know how else,
To oust this gnawing pain
I long to be understood,
But my effort is oft in vain.

I write,
When I can't enounce,
To give voice to words unsaid,
Words that always lose the battle,
Between the heart and the head

I write,
What I crave to feel,
Exhilaration to be alive,
Electricity coursing my veins,
Fulfillment even if I die.

When I write,
My heart bleeds,
As pen and paper bind,
A beautiful symphony,
The manifestation of my mind.
Feel the weight of the world,
On her wearied shoulders,
Strives to stay stoic,
As the tension smolders,
Her hands start trembling,
Her lower lip quivers,
Her eyes reveal,
A tell-tale shimmer,
A lonesome droplet,
Spills down her cheek,
Deceived by emotion,
They surmise she is weak.

The brackish water,
Stings her aching wounds,
That now lay bare,
A plight so cruel,
It wracks her body,
Relinquished control,
Once tears of affliction,
Now cleanse her soul,
She takes a deep breath,
Stoic and somber,
You thought it was weakness,
But she..
She's never been stronger.
 Reminiscing of Colour
The pretty periwinkles,
That adorned my hair,
When I was ten.

The ink I spilled,
As I scrawled on the wall,
With my brand-new pen.

The way I felt,
That gloomy winter night,
When my friend left.

The grass I rolled in,
Eyes opalescent,
With joy and zest.

The dainty dress I wore,
As I pranced around,
With my favorite kite.

The luscious apricots,
My brother and I,
Cherished with delight.

The blood I shed,
As I matured,
And first felt pain,

All I see, and all I feel today.
Bleak and boring, grey.
Warm, sultry night 
Garb of a teenage lass
Blissfully unaware
Dancing to the pulsating rhythm
Wide grin, short lived.
Malicious eyes
Locked on it's target
Languid walk, smooth talk
Stepped out for some air
In the alley, eerie silence
Within a heartbeat
Inhumanity was there
The air escaped her lungs. 

Disarrayed. Sullied. Violated.
She thrashed in agony
A blood-curdling scream 
The music was louder 
Tears streaming down her cheeks.
Please stop.
He paid her no heed 
Protest rendered nugatory
Flailing ceased...

Glaring white light. 
Probed everywhere 
Throbbing pain, unfamiliar surroundings
The black curtain falls
The show is over.

Mother at her bedside,
Eyes swollen and red,
Pulled into an embrace
Familiar territory. 
But she squirms
Skin scorching, afraid to be touched
Scarred for eternity ,
Flesh once pure,
Tattooed by his grimy fingers.
He served five years
She, imprisoned for life.

Thousands of candles,
Her flame, extinguished.
Surrounded by rings of darkness
Cried herself to sleep
For that's when she saw him.
Three years later.
Music blaring through the speakers 
A stranger's eyes met hers 
He saw sombre beauty.
She saw hope.

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  1. Very vivid imagery! I enjoyed reading them. Thanks for sharing!

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