Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

The Space Maker

"Moon Walker"

Never dreamed
I would find myself

after so many years of life
on tender Mother Earth

rubberized boots
and breathing through a mini globe

marvelling at the skin of the moon
a pitted and quiet
barren buffer against a cast
of stones and new discoveries 

almost soundless
but eerie

as the distant horizon
takes on a reddest hue
bringing me to a stop

red smoke creeping toward me
settling over the mouths of craters

what could be burning
and where is it coming from?

I quicken my slow plodding
and come to the edge of a gaping crater

slow smoke reddish into a dull pink
coming out of a cave on the far wall

I consider climbing down
but something whooshes out of the cave
and flies over me

I duck
looking up as it passes

a Nazi insignia on the bottom
of an old flying saucer

war seems to be everywhere 

I turn and face the sphere of earth
out there in dark space
so near I feel
I could touch it

seemingly nothing ever changes

so I wake up and wonder why
there's someone's blood in my bed.


Sweet earth of blue
what have we done to you

I stand on your sister moon

squinting through space
over to your sphere

my slow spinning
mother earth
turning into a lonely

immense skull

but the great change is coming
earth reborn
with God's people.


All the land of all the people
all the years settled and dying

so many believing
sky, sea, and sacred places

and prayers and rapture
of saints to heavenly clouds

the Word
footfall and stars

The Space Maker.

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