Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

Cold Train to Texas

Cold train to Texas
shaved my beard off

Cut my hair short
appearing younger with scars

I don't believe in guns
just bazookas

No sandals just boots
no cigs just pipes

I'm a one woman man
she's crying back home

Train whistling
beginning the sick trip

Everyone worried about war
some greased up to slide

Moon watching above
witch on her broom

Drones following her and us
note taking who is worse

Train paying no attention 
engineer stoked in vibrations

Wild eyed
mouth open

Picking up speed
over the bridge of no return.

Still of Midnight

Stores closed
yet the parking lot full

people sitting in their cars
sleeping sitting up
huddled under blankets
doors locked

doing without
and living within

hope and turmoil
and the death of tears.

Sleeping Sun

We beg
to awake

We need

showing the way.

Going Home

Going home
probably not there anymore

Can't stop

It will be
as it was

Years ago
different world

lost now

Collecting tears
memory wrapped

Loved ones
cherished list

With deep sorrow
we seldom called.

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