Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

Old white man with grey hair and reading glasses and a grey tee shirt in front of a window with a houseplant.
Stephen Jarrell Williams
"How Long Till..."

How long do we hide

Do we ever come out
in the open?

Or are we just shades
in our own prison light?

I long for some truth in self,
don't you?

But with all my years learning
to be more than I am,
is there any way out?

Do I become
a boneless bore?

Can I stretch a few
rubber bands before they pop?

this is ridiculous.

I think I'll quit for now.
See you tomorrow
when I run for president.

"The Dream Keeper"

Today I step out
to run the real race.

I hate weasels
with egos

Why can't people live
without telling lies?

I loved the first girl I ever kissed.
I know I was too young
to think of the future.

But are dreams really only dreams?

"It's Me Again"

One last song
under the full moon...

She was all I ever wanted.
More than I deserved.

But isn't that how it is?
At least in the beginning?

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