Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

Think About It

Turning myself inside out
for you

so you can sniff and contemplate
if I'm worth a smoke

all my jokes
meaning more than tears

and you're beginning to understand
my love is beyond endless and more

as the spin of the earth and beat of stars

so come
and make us as one....

A Way Home

Let's run together
quick step and jump holding hands
over this nervous world

sun tanning our bare backs and rumps
easy breathing and laughing
with no fear

we will be like children
long before the aging of flowers
their scent stopping time in awe

so smack your lips
we're going to kiss
a sugar dream

lasting forever!


In the air

I'm your hero
and you're my Goddess

clouds soft
stopping when we want
lying upon them

sunset's far reaching fingertips of warmth
we dance naked
into a night sky of teasing stars.


And when our dreams melt
we will float in the sea
under the night with the coming dawn

I seeing you and you seeing me
soon in heaven
where we were created to be.

Stephen Jarrell Williams can be found on X Twitter @papapoet

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