Poetry from Taofeeq Ibrahim


I rise with a white flag in my hands for peace
But shown up with a sorrowful smile
Which holds none but my country's name.

On my face there is a tint of jeopardy
And scribbles that widely cover it
Such that I look no more like a human being.

With my tone I feel the waves of agony,
And in my heart, there is an emblem of death
For I alone has fought and vanquished my woes.

Say, let it be as it is, and If there is still life 
Then, there is still hope even with a bloody heart
Cause the last man standing is one with might

But let be know that death is of no exception
Thus even the last man standing today
Is likely to become the first blood of tomorrow's war.

By  TAOFEEQ IBRAHIM (Newborn Poet 4)

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