Poetry from Thaalith Gimba

from the Book of Chaos: Into Smithereens (a poem)

paddled from a misfit to cast-off,

slouching on the pavilion of daily unrest,

my mind’s eyes sighted grief from afar

hovering, grinning

waiting, hoping

to feed on the flesh

of the tears my pains harvested,

alas hope saw I,

tortured by the hunger

of the society’s anger aimed at me,

but I say you this,

with every fibre of my frigid faith

fraught with frustrations,

I wish every life that befouls me—

have their nurtured joy

into smithereens!

Name: Thaalith Abubakar Gimba 

Phone Number: 08134912530

Email: salisugimba96@gmail.com

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Thaalith Abubakar Gimba, a writer from Nigeria, is a versatile poet. With an unwavering passion for art and an avid anime enthusiast, Thaalith’s creative expression encompasses a vibrant tapestry of influences. His published poems on Words Rhymes & Rhythm serve as a testament to his ability to ignite emotions and transport readers to enchanting worlds. Infusing his unique perspective into every composition, Thaalith weaves his unique perspective into each written piece, inviting readers to embark on literary journeys to unravel the mystery of the man’s greatest treasure trove—the human mind.

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