Poetry from Vandita Dharni

1. Unrequited Love

Lonely teardrops flow through my eyes,

dampening my aching heart

that beats only for you beloved

as we are drifted apart.

A restless thought gnaws at my mind_

When will our restless souls meet?


The trepidation of uncertainty

numbs my senses.

As I feel a kiss of your breath,

a rapturous joy envelops me

drowning me in a tumultuous ocean,

flowing through my being.


My feelings are tearing me apart

like the waves that treacherously depart

from the bed of the sifting sands.

Haunting thoughts of you that lie deep within

linger on unabatedly.

I ponder, I brood, I moan.


A warm silence palpitates and sweeps

through the flickering, aromatic candlelight.

I pause to wonder_

Could you be thinking of me too?

The magical moments of our love enshrined, revisited.

The passion of our love unrequited.


       2. Star Crossed Love


The night sky seemed calm and mystical,

like charcoal being smeared

across an empty canvas.

A flickering light appeared,

the forbidding darkness disappeared instantly.

The conspiring moon had swallowed it up vagrantly.

Its radiance filled the bleary sky,

with a celestial light.

The reflection fell on the rippling water

and made their hearts go pitter patter.

The sky dazzled with silver stars,

that twinkled brightly to flatter.

A hazy mist enveloped the earth so rare,

it smelled of the beautiful maiden’s hair.

The placid lake twirled merrily,

while the moon smiled mischievously.

The scene was set,

the faithful lovers met,

the gentle breeze blew them a kiss,

making their joy complete.

But destiny had other plans untraced.

They grew livid as they embraced.

Someone was lurking in the undergrowth

who had followed them stealthily on foot.

As they parted, little did they know,

the enemy had kept a gun in tow.

Mercilessly, the shot was fired,

and then there was a shriek low.

Two silhouettes descended gently,

on the pale earth consequently.

There was a grim silence that

coffined itself in the grass.


           3.   July Rain

Lazily does the pallid blue ocean lie,

reflecting the luminous rays,

of the sun glistening in the blue sky.

 The sun-flecked meadow adorns itself,

with the radiance of its light.

The birds awaken to a new dawn.

They flutter their wings merrily in flight,

 while the flowers sway in delight.

 I can hear the blissful sea gulls at hand,

 as they swoop down low, flying gracefully.

 I feel the caress of the soft sand,

 that is covered with footprints dry,

 a pleasant morning in July.

 The moaning of the wind makes the rhythmic dance of the waves unruly.

 I seem to enjoy this truly.

 The leaves of the trees look fresh and green,

patiently waiting to receive celestial blessings.

There is yet a cloud that goes unseen,

a flash of lightning sets the sky ablaze.

 The pallid sky becomes the haven,

 of nimbus clouds and peals of thunder.

Fresh drops of rain patter at seven.

My heart leaps joyfully and my senses awaken.


    4. The Depth of Love

If love were to be defined in a word or a phrase,

 it would be grossly unfair,

as its depth is unfathomable,

its joys unsurpassable,

its sorrows insurmountable.

Love is a many splendoured thing they say.

 But, who has really tested the troubled waters?

 Who has walked through the fire of tribulations till the altar?

 And not let their sincerity and commitment falter?

Do the trials of love torment you?

Make you feel despondent and weak?

The feeling of resignation,

compels you to give up without altercation,

explanation or justification?

Then such is not love.

 Love is deeper than the abyss of selfishness and dependence.

 It is a virtue par excellence,

involving self denial,

courage, sacrifice and penance.