Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Threads Baring

new lapels disfigured mediation 

busters harried to the tenth extreme

seek remedial disasters planned

under wedging banter associates

columnar when their vocable thread

transforms cased carrier remnants

to particle misgivings that hedge

the bettors shrubbing their green 

with a nonchalance left unsuited

for the tidal remnant massage

dismembered as any catalogue 

request impaneled many stairwells

casing the place for customer jars

buried as a threat of last return

to the clever parlor tricks turned

in Reno slot machines corporate

as any corporeal inflation suit

litigated under a fading gauntlet 

or store a subterfuge in the pine

casket longing for a short return

on a retreat binding loose shrieks

to vacant cleanser armies trapped 

in arrears or security bank lifts

its torrential rhetorical compendia

toward reactor bastions dancing

cradle riffs under moonshine wind

somatic upturn notwithstanding

the columnar implication dread

gradually shedding incumbents

of dormant centipede infraction

prints tracking lawns long gone

to granite vestibule packaging

arthritic numbers in stale heat

to lessen the platelet impact

consumed as a quadrant vocal

turning silent on a squeaky pivot

No Cigar Too Close

a Havana leak imploding

ratchets calcium in spite

a disconsolate liquidator

frying pawned banter 

erased porcupine litanies

molting solar remuneration

developed darkening eyefuls

where headboards scattered

paradiddle femurs to daze

solar paperbacks with shock

the witch tonsil ache foiled

leaking punctuation reform

one bored seawater escape

released a subliminal jotting

and stapled scarves divulge

queasy octagons needle

rampant spitfires encompass

the disconsolate liquidators

harkening scripture grouches 

recycle their pauper caravan

Kindling Ash

a conflagration mentor

firing up a passion lost

conical invitations rapt

           in fashion

           gear turned to spark

                     and catch

       the lessening arc of the flare

            as touched

                              by inspiration

                inventing the fashion

                of the passion come

           much before

                                 aspiration circuits

                   fence convention tents

                   along the downslide glow

                      the grin 

                                  in the dark


lightening the shouldered

incentive that fear turned

cynical the will untapped


           the endless recitation

           a replay                  deployed


                                invective rations 

                                a rhetorical spin

                and out

                              no invitation needed

                                                                 after dark 

Vernon Frazer’s most recent poetry collection is MANTIC PANDEMIC,  a C22 publication.

C22 will publish Frazer’s Voyage in Port in July 2024. 

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