Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Pricing Out 

cream detachment

heard a blast within

the many 


          another antic


         disaster commandeering


             a digital scribble racket


dark songs

measured loose bits

             as sacred

          deeper, prescient

          of swollen definition

more ale along the water bars

         flavor bursts

        replenish filched steel

Invigorating the spat

                                  unlike no


the bars crack shut 

their sea against marriage 

     roaming acclamations 

     across the surging gape 


                      the chronically nostalgic

                          as place 



                                 no profit comes stainless 

Cognitive Flight in the Day Cart

ontological waters

 ear from a mattress sea

     bubbling rise singing 

          postulate shaft zero 

               in monochord plan

bookmark  prophecy cautious

of the weary regret 

                              her delay cold vibrations


       the         scratched

     feats        precious militia culpas  


                            the sound of wringer memories


 torment                           supple slavering wings

                                        turn the commissioned jitney

                        his lost waters punctuating rubric

          plastered cigars

          numbing forklift patterns 

                   dark and strong

              every supposition doorway

              requires a widening alcove 

                                            the slump no victory 


a speechless pent 

scripted percussive exchanging

     tidal ratcheting reflects

     mitosis beans with membranes 

     along the garbanzo torn   

                   with age laundering

                   the mashed clasp margins


                                    rank turn juices

          the cavernous claims clunk and scratch

                                         the discerning frenzy installation

desecrated scattered truths

                                            the roving self escaped pleasures

Christmas Spirited

vocalist workbench climb

bearded the somnolent hydrant

     its fin stain 

                       a wireless vacancy

          morbid curls 

          motoring the gray inscription

                              portable volume gone menu

a past among therm

fetal homecoming revenue


                     breath pageants

          (the ravenous breathe frequency mustard)


              a stateroom glower 

       from past celebrant 

boiled the dreamer


          delivering                                                  shaver


                           palette temples                          

                                to spite swallowers

                                     only one getaway fired

                 repentance scoreboard a facet achievement

                     the hinterlands 

                     a predicated nostrum


                                      a roast metallurgist

                                      cackle before disparity 

                             a spectral typescript

                                                              dreamers ration

Current Events Downstream

cornered eyeballs 

lost their mimetic vibrations 

torn without swords

traffic vibrations transformed

atonal hamlets 

while masked 

the raisin hippies outlined 

galloping rejection

its repression invisibly dentist 

a pawned handbag

spilled their watercourse keep

iteration punctuating 

a dead period darkening ooze 

nitrous eyeballs 

burnt a lava memorial forward

old crease brickading

darkened the stalkers

dipping the bloodbath

a weary mist welled

scattered stapled trickles 

retrofit removed the newsman

A  Lost Season Coming Back

a sinking dock set flagons

steaming a leftward transit

lashed a nascent horsewhip        

a fresco malfunction churning 

fountains toward ruder color

turns the next night cautious

conjecture burns rumination

greatest hit payola memories

the jerk admonished to wait 

silent over a nominal milestone

stowed a disconsolate elastic

in the ebb vat last welled out

fruition spinning from stucco

in dribbles traces their tingle 

rudiments to fanlight colanders

spread through riot repression

an empty grip let bandwidth 

ripple equinox emerges angry
tips the ether bottles round

billiard asset cruises a sleek

atrium habitat infernal meter

glints a habit lost to vacuum

simulacra subsidy scatters

skin play’s tingling symbols


Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Memo from Alamut.

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