Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Last Wording

half the polar well  

holds the harming serve

until breathers moan

     again loaded

     culminating adobe details

                         in the foreground cove


the tattered syllable recluse

celebrating from coherence 

             occupied yogurt armor 

             between aggressive pouncing


           cufflinks rotate

                                   cowl interjections

     rubbed beyond

     new reconstruction torpedos

                 bamboo cracks

                 pandemic eccentricities

                                in seance


grammatical stalling

skewers one written 


            patriarch iced 

legend’s fixative seeks nods

     distrust empurpled

     celebrity hump rebuffs

     where a lead terrorist

                 bends to cold pavement


                          perceptible calamities

bustle correspondence deadened a utopia decoy  


moon’s wake

the orthographic effigy      


     put refraction thoroughfares

     lunging                        apart 




                          with the global


          present condemned

          a rope motive 

                                in the echoed slab

                  reputation boiling 

                  clauses to memoir debauch

                                              endowment removed

History Happening

extreme sanskrit multiplex directive

commotion scattered babel tongues

across the time of papyrus infusion

caverns gave coded empathy shrouds

a place to gather against the wind

or another ark to flood with animals

contained to pair for a bearded one

stoning down mountain imperatives

androgynous caverns heaving a glide

toward the desert suit filed into sand

temptations crystallized their renewal

before the reflection written to fix

the derelict card careening passion 

through undirected profusion litters

light crystals prismatic sun spokes

an emerging moon theme in motion

revolving over the nighttime desert 

where billowed plans will resolve 

with the crux of historic anticipation 

carried to any nearby tree will do

the sect projection beyond the day

the exempt declared renewed grit

and peremptory sandstone polish 

not the rain of provisional passing

furnished a new micrometer legend

whose replications dated calendars

when their makers proved reluctant 

snapshots in the tiller thatch missed

no embryonic passport in the thicket

or watchful rushes bulling paparazzi

to divide the walls that conquer all

tablets that broke their millennium

before the requisite numbers spread

the vast mirage of new mother's milk

spread through forty days of microbes

tempting the igneous with sediment

promised to deliver layered history

to seeking prophets under threat of 

renewed octagon vengeance made

before the form could fake ascent

on the choral donations or decor

as added to the licentious playbill

rostered pagan invasion sealant

before fumes could accrue tarnish

receptacles reeling with plasma grief

worn follicle ventures packing meat

of their belief into a worn sleeve’s fray

no doppel to gang a loose parlance

with a part from the other to match

the fetid geometry buckle in manure

angling the portal drop toward hay

where they fielded lain shepherds

deepened their sleep wherever 

the sale of their sheep relocated 

their hostile ambience a matter 

of sacred discord when aroused

the cult of thirteen ran the dozens

against a predictable implosion

felt rummaging vegetable sponsors 

when old spoons entice the lurid 

a cult device records the subtext

no graphic delayed for the new ride

a molecular detergent foray decries

testicular headings over horsemeat 

babble at the slowed compendium

forming a triage from the fictive mix

Dream a Generation Away

rutabaga polish 

rides a sanskrit momentum

calypso fury casts the last rendition


enamel passion

brings its own veneer

to hidden sightings

vegetation budgets an inner flourish

before melting lavender

pots its ancient shrug

while inaction seeks its tongue


an action pursued

the molting factotum legend 

of suit incarnation

dispassionate, buried

seven layers of ancient cities

bubble above the shale


radical depiction

cherishes a hairy flourish

the vegetable innovative crew

merrily words away

the gray whitening to the rhythm’s light

an edition only dreamed to last


Vernon Frazer’s most recent poetry collection is Memo from Alamut.