Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Tracking Back

a nodal boudoir

not sham city’s clergymen


that            the scrotal passports

past           paintbrush embassies use

       rivalry elms


              that illustrate


                       hospice doorsteps

as dreadfully central to the crusty


               or businessmen


                              hierarchical pain moves

                                                       handle arterial law


platform darkness

enormous clearings retract                          parted

      horizontal linguists                                 coldly

                                           laurels deleted

               the chaotic bothers line up

               under credit 

                                   about to fold

                                              without improvements

                   to draw boutique silks forward

                        an ensemble moves a straight      

                             bedtime workshop for array at

                          a raucous epidemic

                          watchdog to a linen sighting

                          depending on tailors


                                                 or impostors




                                                         for the volcano racket


Home  in the Distant

dollar tone filters reprieve

the passing rubber collisions 

measured and padlocked

the doldrum forsaken

as empty light darkening

epithet winds to the left

dumpster visionaries eat

modicum filters without fuming

over a fiscal meat current

doorbells remain a bare looming

transmission haunts return 

whirling against a vernacular test

the wig suck of shrill beer 

test serpents haunt a downside

vernacular heading bare memories 

other fuming acclamations ring

downhill to undulate the comeback

Old Grouches Eating Early Bird Diner

lava withdrawal burnt slow invective

while sciatica released stark alliteration 

sentry patrimony sparked a spectacular 

daylight moratorium firecrackers withheld

pulsations darkened a rectangular pastime

the crossfire jubilee ripped worn rudiments 

cornered the crumpled muffler caresses 

where a convocation of balding hairlines

gradually receded in their lifetime hut

no flesh rescinded elastic calorie alerts

backing a mayday growl the creature 

gone latent for some weaker principle

graphite-hot during the midship crawler

colored the flashy convocation failing

informally made gaseous duets ache

swamp clearance opposing separation

despite sorting the patrimony lithographs

another crossfire bouncing underway

and not the neutron spurt a turn renewed

sunshine worshippers leaking rudiments 

after shops eased everything catalytic

lagoon revenge boiling electrical blubber 

stuttered northward torn and metallurgic

timber outlines chafed worn inquiries

a cowl scraping punctual crisis disposal

no phosphate lanyard about to revive

unctuous pablum filters pretzel timber

the mosaic wife handling dead family

on a churn for hard trundling dentures

ladled sciatica spurts handicraft torn

between aching and explaining fear

atonal opera bubbled elusive pudding

for mutineers crumbling the tower price

before revelry welled solar betrayal


Vernon Frazer has published more than thirty books of poetry. Many of the individual poems have appeared in periodicals such Alien Buddha, D.O.R., eYeland, Otoliths, Plain Brown Wrapper and SYNCHRONIZED CHAOS. Frazer has also published three books of fiction, three recordings of jazz poetry and numerous multimedia videos, available for viewing on YouTube.