Poetry from Zahro Shamsiyya

Central Asian woman with a purple headscarf, brown eyes, and a white top and black jacket
Zuhro Shamsiyya

Maybe I will be reborn as a basil. 
Being happy from my death 
One day my haters will have a party. 
Passing through alley with silence 
I hear all the gossips they tell. 
Now my poems will become orphan, 
Now I only live in my poems. 
But the world remains the same, 
Thousand years again it stays still. 
All the lies, all the fake faces, 
And ignorance in the gene. 
All the lips whisper one by one, 
Thanks God, I am far away. 
Blind souls never recover, 
I am not related to earth any more. 
The only thing tortures me is 
My days that I spent aimless. 
And incomplete writings of mine, 
My voice that paused on my throat as well. 
One day I lose my life, it is clear 
One day I will return to the Creator. 
Asking God to revive inside of me 
I will utter the name of my elder son. 

Sharipova Zuhro Sunnatovna (Zahro Shamsiyya) was born on April 9, 1969 in the Nurata district of the Navoi region. Her first poem was published in 1985 in the Gulhan magazine. Uzbek publishing houses published works in the journal "Sharq Yulduzi", in the literature and art of Uzbekistan - "Ma'rifat", in various regional and district newspapers. World almanacs in Canada, -2017 in Dubai WBA 2018 "Turkish poets of the world" (Buta 3) 2019, "Muhammad Yusuf izdoshlari" 2017 almanac. She published her book "Ismsiz tuigular"